Packaging under clean room conditions is mandatory for Inpakomed’s business relationships who set strict requirements as far as hygiene and low contamination of their products are concerned. Inpakomed provides a class 10.000 clean room (class 7 according to ISO 14644 Part 1). In common language: there must be less than 10.000 0.5 micron dust particles per cubic foot of the work environment. Considering that a normal work environment is generally characterised by even bigger dust particles reaching levels like 50 million units, it is clear that the clean room of Inpakomed meets the stated class conditions and receives the highest attention the possible.

Our activities consist of:


Thanks to the assortment of hand sealers, vacuum sealers and thermoforming & heat sealing machines, Inpakomed offers both manual as well as automated assembly and packaging services for a wide range of medical devices. The company is particularly flexible when it comes to fulfilling customers’ and users’ specific assembly and packaging needs which originate from their own working procedures, especially in the case of high added value products. From single pouch packaging to packing in various types of transport boxes, and from assisting in logistic processes up to arranging sterilisation services in cooperation with qualified sterilization companies: for every issue there is a suitable solution, and Inpakomed is a reliable partner in delivering high-quality solutions.